Benefit For Tim

Tim Russell

Tim Russell

You know him. You Love him.
Tim’s been there for you or your cause.
A listening ear, a wealth of info, a gentle hand, a hearty laugh.
And wherever Tim goes…..he leaves a smile behind.

Now he needs our help.

Tim's Benefit Dinner

Tim’s had a series of serious health problems as of late.
He was hospitalized for days.
Tests. Procedures. More tests. More Procedures.
Heart Attack + Aortic Aneurysm + Bile Duct Issues + Liver Problems = Massive Hospital Bills
Tim’s had to close down his business while he recovers.
And like many Americans…..TIM HAS NO HEALTH INSURANCE

Anything you can give would be most appreciated.
Simply click the DONATE button below.

Donations can also be mailed to the following address:
Donations for Tim
ClearStream Concepts
PO Box 1157
Bellaire, MI 49615
Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to Timothy Russell

Tim & Sharon Russell

Tim & Sharon Russell

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